100 Fiverr Seller Guide Checklist

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100 Fiverr Seller Guide Checklist

As Fiverr is becoming bigger, it is harder to get noticed as a seller. The following checklist contain some tips and tricks along with valuable necessary steps to succeed as a seller on fiverr.

   Tell the reader about yourself.

   Always compare to other successful sellers profile it will give you a very good idea what to write.

   Upload a profile picture, one that is professional. We always look for faces. If you’ll catch the buyer’s eye, you have a significantly improved chance of them buying your Gig’s.

   Use web tools or fiverr other service providers to create a good image or even video of yourself.

   Type ‘caricature’ into Fiverr search and pamper yourself with a professional eye catching cartoon profile image for 5$.

   Type ‘biography’ into Fiverr search and pamper yourself with a professional catchy biography for 5$.

   Keep your account secure by completing all your profile steps, connecting to your social profiles and ensuring your passwords are set up properly etc.

   The best way to establish a positive record is to collect a portfolio of 50 – 100 excellent reviews. The fastest way to do this is by over delivering on a $5 gig.

   Once you have 50 reviews you should adjust you’re pricing to be more reflective of the value of your time.

   Upload high quality attractive images for your Gigs to incite buyers.

   If you are using a photo of yourself for your service, go to the trouble of making sure that it looks professional and classy.

   Type ‘commercial’ into Fiverr search box for hiring someone to create a professional looking intro or explanatory video for your product.

   Is your product and service unique? Differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.

   Do not make a generic title.

   As a #Fiverr seller always take advantage of the CAPITALIZED word in your titles! Click To Tweet

   Examine successful sellers’ descriptions.

   Take the time and make the effort to explain exactly what that buyer will be getting for their money.

   Make sure that your description is as detailed as possible.

   Use bullets in each gig’s description.

   Use bold fonts in each gig’s description.

   Use under line in each gig’s description.

   Use UPPERCASE in each gig’s description.

   Use highlights in each gig’s description.

   Don’t over exaggerate doing the above.

   Don’t highlight or emphasize too many words – the reader will become desensitized.

   Don’t confuse your reader with details not relating to your service or product.

   Don’t make your description too long or to short.

   Split your gigs description into small, easily readable sections.

   Remember to keep your customer in mind when writing the description of your Gig.

   Use the same keywords in your title and description.

   Get keyword ideas by doing a search on any service like yours, on similar Gigs on Fiverr as well as on other service sites.

   Don’t flood your reader with keywords – keep the text readable.

   As a #Fiverr seller don’t use keywords that are irrelevant to your Gig. Click To Tweet

   Look at which tags other successful sellers in your field are using. Use Google Keyword tool to help you select the most efficient words.

   Do not use inappropriate tags, as Fiverr considers this spamming and your gig will be removed.

   Make sure your description is professional and articulate. Go to the trouble of finding someone to proof read your Gig. It will pay off in the long term.

   Take advantage of pdf uploads and tell buyers what you do or sell, or show examples of your work.

   If you have a lot of details or graphics you can encapsulate them into a single pdf file.

   Make sure that the title descriptions and tags all match in your Gig. This helps Fiverr to find you in a search and will improve your rankings.

   If you have a specialized niche market, also include tags that are more generic in your Gig to deliver more exposure to buyers that might not be aware that they are searching for a niche product.

   Select gigs deliverance time limit carefully, because if you do not honor your commitment, you might find that disgruntled customers leave bad reviews which will affect your ranking, limiting your earnings.

   Don’t steal someone else’s Gig!

   Upload a video for your gig. It is said to double and triple your sales.

   If you are confident to upload a video of yourself describing your product or service – do it.

   You can get someone on Fiverr to make a presentation video for you.

   You can get someone on Fiverr to make an animation video for you.

   You can create a video with screenshots of your service or product.

   You can create a video recording of your screen when you do what you do best. People love seen behind the scenes. This can even work for a writing service.

   You can create a video from slides. PowerPoint has a lot of impressing features and can also be exported into a video format.

   Adding a voice to your video will create a personal connection. Do it yourself or use a professional narrator.

   Break your service down into $5 increments, and the customer can then use the Gig Extra to purchase what they need.

   If you are selling your time as a service, sell increments of your time for $5. This can be used in any combination.

   Make use of the fast delivery option to make another $5.

   Make use of gig quantities if you do not have the ability yet to officially offer gig extras.

   If the buyers are seeing your gig, and still not buying, consider adjusting your title, description, images and video.

   Fiverr allows you to have 20 Gigs – use this to diversify the range of products that you offer in the same category.

   Look for other categories which might offer the opportunity to cross-promote your Gigs to increase your exposure and get more buyers.

   You should have 20 Gigs on Fiverr. Don’t limit your income.

   A good strategy is featuring your other $5 gigs as $5 extras.

   Like with any good financial portfolio, it is important to have as many streams of income as possible.

   Take your best performing Gig and create more Gigs delivering the same service with different names.
For example:
I will write a blog post of 500 words
I will write an article of 500 words
I will write a travel article of 500 words
I will write a press release of 500 words.

   If you commit to a completion time, do everything you can to honor that commitment.

   If for some reason you cannot deliver onetime, stay in contact with the buyer and keep them informed.

   It is better to give yourself some extra time to complete the Gig.

   Make sure you can provide your gigs without working like a mania and sleep deprived.

   As a #Fiverr seller, respect your own time and commit to realistic delivery times. Click To Tweet

   It is vitally important that you have a quick response time when you are contacted by a buyer

   You can always supply buyers with fast delivery by adding fast delivery to your Gig Extra’s.

   Make a habit of replaying to your messages daily.

   Keep your buyers engaged and committed by offering something extra on repeat orders.

   Offer a money back guarantee. This can prevent bad reviews.

   If you cannot deliver to your customer’s expectations, it is better to mutually agree to cancel the order than risk a bad review that could haunt you for a long time.

   Ask your customers for a good rating and positive feedback when you have finished your sale.

   Always correspond ensure your clients concerns are being addressed.

   Under promise and over deliver.

   Use positive words in your thank you feedbacks. This will create a positive impression for someone looking briefly on the reviews.

   The best way to deal with trolls is to shake’m off, because the alternative will just drain you and make you lose focus.

   Do not get involved in confrontations with your buyers.

   At some point somebody will not be happy with your service or product. If it happens, chalk it down to experience and walk away.

   Keep your dignity, refund complaining customers and live to fight another day, without the negative review that they might have posted.

   Never start a new order with the same customer until the previous order has been closed and the review given.

   Be active on Fiverr official forum.

   Ask questions, discuss profiles or gigs and interact with other buyers and sellers.

   You can use it to promote your Gigs and profile – exposure to others on Fiverr is going to get your Gigs noticed more easily.

   If you have already done a video for your Fiverr gig – post it to YouTube and add your Fiverr link into the description.

   As a #Fiverr seller, it is recommended to create Your Own Youtube Channel. Click To Tweet

   You have 450 characters on Fiverr to sell your products. Use this to have a link through to your own personal blog.

   Publish yourself and your gigs on specific blogs like ‘Best of Fiverr’ by posting and commenting.

   Promote your Gig as guest post by finding a blog that is relevant to your gig and ask the blogger if you could supply some content for free with link to your gigs.

   Offer your product/service review copies to blogs in order to get your name out there while you are starting out on Fiverr.

   Ask your satisfied buyers to keep you in mind when someone else they know might need your service – you have instant credibility!

   Depending on your service, write a short press release and sent it to free press release sites.

   Use user generated website like Squidoo and HubPages to create gigs pages pointing to fiverr.

   Use Fiverr group for sellers to get feedback on your gigs and expose yourself to people.

   Advertising costs money, but sometimes you have to spend money to get money.

   Use key words on platforms such as Google AdSense, BingAds, Facebook ads and Twitter to promote your product or service.

   Share on social networks. Always add #hashtags like #Fiverr #Fiverr_promotion #Fiverr_gigs #Gig #Gigs.

   Socially interact with potential clients.

   Join Fiverr Facebook groups.

   Share your gigs on countless Fiverr groups on Facebook.


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