15 Easy Gigs to Sell On Fiverr

Ron Stark   October 8, 2015   Comments Off on 15 Easy Gigs to Sell On Fiverr
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15 Easy Gigs to Sell On Fiverr

Here is a list of 15 gig’s you can sell on Fiverr:

  1. Banner Ads – Download great Photoshop templates and create amazing looking banners of all shapes and sizes (Search Google: “banner psd templates”)
  2. Cartoons – Not a cartoonist? No problem since there are tons of mobile apps to create cartoons from and image. A few online good ones too. (Search google: “image to cartoon”).
  3. Graphic Design for Social Media – Checkout each and every social media best image dimensions, Use some online software like Canva.com or download pre-made templates and VUALA! Defiantly an easy gig to sell on fiverr.
  4. Logo Design – Tons of online services for creating logo. Use one of them to offer amazing looking logo’s. (Search google: “online logo creation”).
  5. Introduction videos – Get After Effects software + free / paid templates + watch tutorials on YouTube and your all done. You are now a professional video editor. (Search google: “free after effects templates”).
  6. Infographics – There is very high demand for these baby’s and you can create infographics from free online templates on Canva.com.
  7. Funny videos – Are you a hot looking woman or a funny guy? Than performing in front of a camera could be your best and unique gigs to sell on fiverr.
  8. Articles – If you are a natural born writer then this is the answer for your gig to sell on fiverr.
  9. Sales Copy – Highly paid at minimum time and effort.
  10. Article Editing – Works best in mass quantities.
  11. WordPress – If you can assist people with their WordPress installations, themes, plugins and such then this is your best gigs to sell on fiverr.
  12. Business Advice – If you are in to it then it’s a great way to market yourself.
  13. Social Shout-out – Got a lot of followers on some social network? Offer a post/tweet or whatever. Defiantly super easy way to sell on fiverr.
  14. Book Covers – Again, simply use online services like www.canva.com/create/book-covers.
  15. Business Plan – Either you offer your own writing service or you use a pre-made template (Search google: “business plan template”).

By now you got the point and can continue on your own looking for more easy gigs to sell on fiverr.

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