9 Steps Triberr Tutorial For Super Quality Traffic

Ron Stark   August 27, 2015   Comments Off on 9 Steps Triberr Tutorial For Super Quality Traffic
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9 Steps Triberr Tutorial For Super Quality Traffic

Hey you,

As you know (or don’t know), Triberr is a great free network for any blogger out there who wants to promote himself and his blog to other bloggers. Maybe even the best platform for doing so.
The baseline is having tribes of bloggers sharing your content which is automatically pulled and uploaded from your blog’s RSS.
Be careful, this Triberr tutorial could indeed end you up with a high quality traffic since you can pinpoint bloggers dna similar to yours and your niche and target them and their followers.

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The Steps

  1. Open your Triberr account.
    (If you need a basic startup guide to Triberr then I would recommend this great one by Jim Dougherty: http://leaderswest.com/2014/08/06/how-to-get-started-on-triberr-from-setup-to-sharing)
  2. Your blog posts are published in your tribes so create a tribe, but spend some time choosing it’s name since it is the first thing people see.
  3. Select a few influencers in your niche to follow, and prefer those who share a lot. This quality will be used later in this Triberr tutorial.
  4. Check those influencer’s tribes and follow some of their tribes as well. This will smoother your entrance to Triberr.
  5. Make a habit of publishing at least 2-3 times a week regularly. Once Triberr is connected to your blog’s rss then it is just a matter of uploading posts onto your blog.
  6. Make another habit of commenting on fellow Triberr bloggers posts since this is the best way to be noticed.
  7. For spotting newbies check out the “bonfires” section where you can find bloggers eager for attention.
  8. Now listen, one of the secrets for thriving on Triberr is to share other bloggers posts. This is the essence of this Triberr tutorial. By doing this you will pop up in their timeline and result in them sharing your posts back and so the great magic will start to happen – You will get some of their traffic. Fantastic!
    This is the basic of this great platform.
  9. Share your Triberr posts to your social networks because Triberr’s are hanging out there and will spot your activity, which in turn will result in them following your Triberr profile.

* Bonus Tip: When selecting people to invite to your tribe or share their posts, hover over their profile picture to see their share statistics and select those who share a lot. Chances are higher for them sharing your posts.

Post Infographics:

Triberr Tutorial For Super Quality Traffic

Triberr Tutorial For Super Quality Traffic

Based on a great article by Ryan Biddulph at: http://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/13-triberr-tips