Free PSD Template For Post Headline

Ron Stark   September 5, 2015   Comments Off on Free PSD Template For Post Headline
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Free PSD Template For Post Headline

TL;DR: I’m going to show you how we make our posts title image.
Spoiler: It is really really easy.

Spending hours looking for good graphics to fit your new blog post?
Found something you like and when you put it on your post it doesn’t look that good, ah?
Well at least for the post title image part I can help.
I will show you how we do it here at Fearless Giraffe and give you our own PSD template which we actually use.
A little bit of Photoshop knowledge is required.
Below you will find a short guide explaining the PSD options.


A Short Guide

PSD Template

This is our PSD template used to create posts title images on this site (including this post image). Download it – It’s a freeware license so you can do whatever you want with it:
[emaillocker id=”145″]

Download PSD – the free PSD template.

Download PDF – this guide in a PDF format.



The Background

A carefully selected color template is available for you to choose your favorite from. These are basic colors ranging from warm to cold which we found to be pretty and converting:


The Icon

Finding icons can be very frustrating so let’s make it fun!
Our favorite icon source is
You can easily find tons of nice looking icons and filter them to select the “Commercial Free”, which can be used commercially without a payment.
Notice that some “Commercial Free” icons may require back-link to the artist website.
After you have found your icon, drag it to the opened PSD template and place it above the background layers.

Here is a look at the wonderful icons collection at
psd iconarchive


The Text

You can add text to the image using our text layer or some of your own of course:


Shadows of Mordor

There are currently 2 layers for surrounding shadow effect which gives you 4 shadow levels:


That’s all for this guide.
Now download the free PSD template and play with it (it is here).

Hope you will find it useful.