Is Growth Hacking The Next Big Thing?

Ron Stark   November 30, 2015   Comments Off on Is Growth Hacking The Next Big Thing?
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Data taken from Google Trends on November 30, 2015, showing interesting marketing trends information. The data aggregates periodic users keyword search on Google.

“Digital Marketing” is replacing the conservative “Marketing”?trends-marketingtrends-digital-marketing

“Growth Hacking” is defiantly the hottest thing around in the past 3 years, backed up by “PPC” decline. People are looking for cheap marketing alternatives:trends-growth-hackingtrends-ppc

“SEO” is holding it’s place with tons of searches but where will it go next? Up or down? My guess is down when contest will become much harder, socials will become more dominant, and long tails will be exploited: trends-seo

SEO professionals had given up on “Yahoo” along time ago:yahoo-seo

What do you think?

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