Fiverr Guide – Ultimate Beginners Fiverr Seller Guide

Ron Stark   March 29, 2016   Comments Off on Fiverr Guide – Ultimate Beginners Fiverr Seller Guide
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fiverr guide

fiverr guide

Ultimate Fiverr Guide

My name is Ron Stark,

I’m a digital marketing specialist and the founder of this site. First let me say I really appreciate you spending time here reading the Fiverr guide!

Now listen, When I first started on Fiverr, it took me some time to figure it out and make my first sell. I know how frustrating it can be when people like yourself face the same challenge, so I decided to share the knowledge I gained and give it back (for a buck) in this unique ultimate fiverr guide.

As you sit here reading this, you may already be aware of the fact that Fiverr is a super great platform to increase your income and expose your product and service to anyone who might need it. You start with $5, and after putting in the work, the sky is the limit.

Me and my team have collected and summarized for you our personal experience, both on Fiverr and on the digital marketing world, into this magnificent ultimate fiverr guide. We layout different aspects of good Fiverr activity, from head to toe.

What’s Next?

Ultimate fiverr guide Introduction
Basic introduction to Fiverr platform, rules, potentials and the Fiverr ranking system.

How To Create a Great Profile
Your profile matters a lot. If your profile is up to date and articulate, it says a lot about you. in this fiverr guide you will learn the basics of successful sellers profile as well as unique tips for establishing your sellers record.

Your Gig’s
This is the essence of the ultimate fiverr guide. The gig structure, writing and design is what will make you sell more. Here we will extensively discuss all aspects of great gig design such as title, description, keywords, tags, timing, graphics, images, video, diversification, upsell. Followed by examples and countless tricks.

Your Customer Service
Your integrity is one of the most important assets that you can have on Fiverr. In this guide you will get the highlights of good Fiverr customer service as well as ways to make more money from existing customers.

More on Your Clients…

Every business, whether it is a small grocery store or a Fortune 500 company, lives or dies by the quality of its customer support. You need to make sure that your customer feels that they are the most important thing for you, because let’s face it, without your customers your business dies. Quickly. In this ultimate fiverr guide we will discuss reviews (good and bad), feedbacks, trolls and disputes handling.

How To Promote Your Gig’s

Fiverr is becoming bigger and bigger, which is making it harder and harder to get noticed. Any successful company needs to be promoted, and as a serious seller on Fiverr you need to promote yourself as well. Here in this ultimate fiverr guide you will get 15 promotion ideas for your Fiverr gigs.

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Introduction To Fiverr
What is Fiverr? How do you earn an income on Fiverr? Could I really earn $100/day on Fiverr? The Fiverr Ranking System.

Your Profile
Polish Your Profile, Design Your Profile, Stay Safe, Establish Your Seller Record.

The Gigs
Design Your Gig. Be Awesome. Gig Title, Gig Description, Gig Keywords, Tags, Grammar, Take Care of the Details, Be Coherent, Gig Duration, Instruction for Buyers, Don’t steal, Video, Up-selling, Gig Extras, Keep Your Eye on the Ball, Diversify Your Gigs, Multiply, Finish What You Started.

Customer Service
Fast Delivery, Connect With Your Clients, Expedited Delivery, Bonus Features, Money-Back Guarantee.

Your Clients
Customer Support, Reviews, Reviews Feedback, Trolls, Disputes.

Promoting Your Gigs
Fiverr Official Forum, YouTube, Personal Blog, Blogs, Guest Posts, Bloggers, Client Referrals, Press Releases, User-Generated Websites, LinkedIn, Advertise Your Gig, Social Networks, Twitter #Hashtags, Facebook Groups, Forums.


Introduction To Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is unique in that it is a micro job website that offers products and services for only $5. It is a fast growing platform connecting millions of buyers and sellers worldwide instantly. The wide range of services and products that are available meet a growing need for reliable and economical services, especially those of small business and individual buyers.

The concern that was held by many when Fiverr was launched in 2010 was that the low prices being offered were due to mediocre talent. However, the skeptics were soon proven wrong when it became apparent that high quality work did not necessarily have to be charged at high prices as well.

Most of the sellers on the site are focused on providing good quality work, with emphasis on a fast turnover. These entrepreneurs will rather sell 10 items, or provide 10 services, for $5 per unit, than try and sell one service or product a day for $50.

How Do You Earn an Income On Fiverr?

It is really simple and straightforward earning money on Fiverr. As a “Seller”, you place a sales offer, promoting your services or products, known as a ‘Gig’ on the website. When a buyer purchases your product or service and pays you, Fiverr takes a 20% commission (in this case $1), and you are left with earnings of $4. It is really as simple as that.

The products or services that you sell on Fiverr are entirely dependent on you. You can write an article of 1,500 words for $5, or a blog post of 200 words for $5. Or you could design one business card for $5, or design 5 business cards for the same price. Your sales will ultimately depend on the demand on Fiverr.

Could I really earn $100/day on Fiverr?

YES. Like in any market place, your income will depend on the demand for your product or service. When you have proven that you can supply the product to the customer’s satisfaction you will get more work, the sky is the limit on your potential earnings!

You are allowed to create up to 20 Gigs on Fiverr, which will allow you to sell 20 unique products or services. If each gig is sold each day, that would be a total income of $100 – of course commission also gets deducted, which leaves you then with $80. People earn more than $100 per day, and as I said before – as long as the demand is there, the sky is the limit!

The Fiverr Ranking System

Fiverr has a ranking system that, as you move higher up the ranks, gives you more perks and benefits. As you progress through the ranks, from basic upwards, the site will continuously notify you of changes to your profile, and will add a badge to your profile as well.

Each ranking on Fiverr has a different structure and benefits:
0. Basic Seller
This is the first step on the ladder. When you register as a Seller, you enter as a “Basic Seller”. Your ranking can only change after 30 days and 10 sales with an “Excellent” rating.

1. Level One
Once you have fulfilled the requirements of the Basic Seller level, you will automatically be promoted to a “Level 1 Seller”. With this ranking you are able to offer an additional 2 Gigs and prospective buyers can purchase your Gigs in multiples of 4. Thus, this enables a buyer to purchase 4 Gigs of your services or products at the same time.

2. Level Two
Being a “Level 2 Seller” is the place where you want to be on Fiverr! When you have reached this ranking, you would have been on Fiverr at least 60 days and will have had 50 excellent sales ratings. You are now able to offer an additional 3 Gigs worth $40, and buyers can now purchase your Gigs in multiples of 8. This means that you can earn $45 on one order!

3. Top Rated Seller
Top Rated Sellers is the highest ranking that can be achieved on Fiverr. These Sellers can offer Gig extras of up to $100 and buyers can purchase their Gigs in multiples of 20. However, it is so difficult to attain that there is some confusion about what the criteria is. These sellers are selected manually, but excellent ratings across all Gigs, good customer service and high volumes are absolutely necessarily.

Your Profile

Fiverr Guide Tip 1: Polish Your Profile

Your profile matters a lot. If your profile is up to date and articulate, it says a lot about you. Do not lie or use fake information on your profile. Tell the reader about yourself, but in a good way. When you look at other successful sellers profile it will give you a very good idea what to write.
Upload a profile picture, one that is professional and appropriate. Buyers can more easily connect to someone when they have seen what they look like, and it will improve your chances of selling your Gig. Humans always look for faces.
Your biography is where you inform buyers of who you are, and explain why they should buy from you. This is also where you can invite them to have a look at your gigs and purchase them.

Type 'biography' into Fiverr search and pamper yourself with a professional catchy biography for 5$. Click To Tweet
Fiverr Guide Tip 2: Design Your Profile

Design is where you connect visually with your buyers. You have to ensure you always have a good image of yourself. If you’ll catch the buyer’s eye, you have a significantly improved chance of them buying your Gig’s.
It is worth the time and effort to have good images or even video of you and your products. There are many tools available on the web to help you with this, but don’t forget you can also do it all on Fiverr using other sellers gigs.
Tip: Type ‘caricature’ into Fiverr search and pamper yourself with a professional eye catching cartoon profile image for 5$.

Fiverr Guide Tip 3: Stay Safe

We all understand the importance of keeping our online accounts secure. Keep your account secure by completing all your profile steps, connecting to your social profiles and ensuring your passwords are set up properly etc. Customers will also see this when looking at your profile and it will assure them that they are not being taken for a ride.

Fiverr Guide Tip 4: Establish Your Seller Record

Having a positive review record is one of the most important elements of selling your products or services on Fiverr. This is your reputation, and customers are going to read it – so make sure it is always good.

Fiverr: Giveaway your first 50-100 gigs for as low as you possibly can in order to establish a positive record. Click To Tweet

The best way to establish a positive record is to collect a portfolio of 50 – 100 excellent reviews. The fastest way to do this is by over delivering on a $5 gig. Although this is giving away in the short term, this is where you are investing in your own reputation in the long term.

Once buyers can see that you offer value for money, and you have progressed through to Level 2, you can adjust your pricing to be more reflective of the value of your time.
For example, you can easily start by selling a 1,000 word article for $5. It is hard work for low pay, but once you have established a base of clients and generated good reviews, you can change your gig to $5 for 500 words.


The Gigs

Fiverr Guide Tip 5: Design Your Gig

When you meet a new person, in any situation, you are going to make sure that you put your best foot forward. It is exactly the same on Fiverr. If your photo or profile is mediocre, the buyer might think that your work is mediocre. They are not going to pay $5, and waste their time, to try and prove themselves wrong.
You have to upload an image for your Gigs. Adding an interesting photo to your Gigs will make them memorable and could incite a buyer to become interested in your page and hire you. You can buy photos on Fiverr, or from any stock photo website. Always make sure they are good quality and attractive images. Try to not just download generic images, they are not memorable and will not visually engage the buyer.

If you are using a photo of yourself for your service, go to the trouble of making sure that it looks professional and classy. There are plenty of tools on the web to help make it look more professional. This can’t be emphasized enough – go to the trouble of presenting yourself, or your services, properly because you are now trying to convince you that you are worth hiring.
Needless to mention the super power of videos here, but this will further discussed down the road…

Tip: Type ‘commercial’ into Fiverr search box for hiring someone to create a professional looking intro or explanatory video for your product.

Fiverr Guide Tip 6: Be Awesome

When you join Fiverr, you are investing your time and effort into creating a product and service that is unique and awesome, just like you! If all the prices are all the same, like they are on Fiverr, the magic bullet that is going to differentiate you from the rest of the pack is going to be your product or service. Make sure you are at the top of your game, and you will leave the competitors for dust!

Fiverr Guide Tip 7: Gig Title

Make It POP!
Any successful product usually has a memorable title. The title should immediately associate with what is being sold.

Take the time to make sure your title is not generic. In other words, a title like “I write articles for $5” is never going to get requests pouring in and open the door for a Pulitzer Prize. You will have better luck with a title like: ”I write AWESOME articles for only $5”. This is still not the catchiest example ever, but it already better than the original. Use power words!

Fiverr allows you to only use one word in capital letters in your title – this can work in your favor if you use those capital letters to highlight your skills and differentiate you from the rest of the pack. Also, if you can, add a time limit to the title – but only if you are sure that you will be able to honor the commitment. When buyers are assured that you are committed to a time limit, your sales can improve by up to 20%.

Tip: Always take advantage of the CAPITALIZED word in your titles!

Be Specific
While we are talking about titles, as someone who was shopping for an illustrator, I got thoroughly frustrated because all of the illustrators worked on variations of the same theme. They wanted prospective buyers to contact them, and then only did business via custom requests. Not knowing what they would do and for how much before I contacted them was beyond frustrating, and I had to sift through countless Gigs before I could spend my money. If the first Gig had said exactly what they would do for $5, I could have hired them quickly and then gotten on with my day – much less irritated!

Do Your Homework
If you were starting a business selling socks, you would make sure you know who else makes socks, how they advertise and why people buy them. To make sure your product or service on Fiverr is sold, you have to do the same work. Look at examples of other sellers, especially the successful ones. What do they promote and how do they do it? What are the keywords that they use? Look for the patterns. Our brains are wired in a certain way, and some patterns just make sense – even if (maybe especially if!) they are used subconsciously.

This is called meta-analysis (doing an analysis of multiple analysis’) and is a skill that can separate the mice from the men! You can use an online word-cloud generator to help you aggregate all the titles of the most successful sellers in your field and will soon see the patterns emerge. The tools are there to help you do it, and it will help you make sure your awesome product gets the attention it deserves!

Tip: Selecting the best words for your title:
1) Filter top sellers in your preferred category to see only their gigs.
2) Select all titles and copy them to clipboard.
3) Paste the selection into notepad to clean the text from noises like “I will” and other clutters.
4) Move the clean text into some cloud generator service such as, or search Google for “word cloud”.
5) Now you can immediately spot the most common words here.
Use the one which is best for you.

Fiverr Guide Tip 8: Gig Description

Use the same strategy for your description as you did for your title. Examine successful sellers’ descriptions to see which words, and perhaps even the tone, they used to describe their products or services. Just don’t copy their descriptions word for word, your client might have just read theirs and will immediately know that you are lazy, and even worse, a liar.
Take the time to describe your product or service to any buyer.

Like I said earlier, make sure that you take the time and make the effort to explain exactly what that buyer will be getting for their money. Even though the buyer is not spending a fortune, they will still want to make sure they are spending it wisely. Nobody likes being taken for a fool, even if they have only lost $5.

Make sure that your description is as detailed as possible. Do not assume that one or two sentences will somehow convey the awesomeness of the product. If, for example, you were buying a toothbrush online – you would want to know what color it is. You would want to know if it was plastic or recycled paper, if it bends how big it is and you would definitely make sure it wasn’t made from asbestos!

These details matter, especially when you can’t hold the product in your hand at that moment. Help your buyer make the decision to buy your product or service.

Here is a description template you can use:
  1. Start Personal – Say something about yourself.
  2. Customer Pain – Start with the customers problem you are about to solve. Use emotional words. Under line them.
  3. What Do You Provide? Your service with uppercased words in one line.
  4. What will the customer get?
    • In bullets
    • Bolds
    • …
  5. What Is Your Extra Value – Use bold power words here.
  6. Some Instructions – Boring – but a must.
  7. Finish With a Twist – Something to be remembered for. Abracadabra.

Tip: How to pass the 8 seconds test
It is well known fact that people will give you no longer than 8 seconds to review your page before they decide if it is of some interest for them.
Our eyes are drifting from image to bullets to bolds so:
• Use bullets
• Use Bolds
• Use Underlines
• Break your texts into small readable chunks.
Don’t over exaggerate!

Fiverr Guide Tip 9: Gig Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is of critical importance. Just like major search engines like Google, Fiverr searches for keywords when searching the site. These keywords should not only be in your keywords section, but also in your title and description. You should make sure that the relevant keywords are always included in your Gig, at least in the beginning, middle and end. This allows you to have exposure to more buyers, which in turn increases your sales. Capitalize important words to create visual interest.

If you are not sure what keywords to use, you can use Google Tool to help you find the right keywords. Your keywords also have to appear in video and image files – the more times they are repeated, the better are your chances. You can get keyword ideas by doing a search on any service like yours, on similar Gigs on Fiverr and on other service sites.
When you are writing your descriptions, make sure that the keywords naturally flow in the text. Don’t confuse your reader with details not relating to your service or product. People are generally not interested in knowing that you sell dog food if you are trying to sell your writing skills. You can also highlight or underline text, but use this with care as this is a tool to focus attention. When there are too many highlighted words your reader will become confused and frustrated.

When I created my first Gig, I made the rookie mistake of making my description too long. Don’t try to inundate your potential buyer with long and unnecessarily descriptive words. Long sentences with exaggerated descriptions are going to make their eyes glaze over. Have detailed descriptions, but make sure they are in small, easily readable sections. In short, make sure your description is succinct, but descriptive.

Tip: Remember To Avoid These Common Mistakes:

  • Don’t flood your reader with keywords – keep the text readable.
  • Don’t use keywords not relevant to your Gig.
  • Don’t highlight or emphasize too many words – the reader will become desensitized.
Fiverr Guide Tip 10: Tags

Tags are critical to helping buyers find you. Fiverr is used by hundreds of thousands of people, and tags connect the buyers and sellers. Not many of them are going to go through hundreds of gigs to find you. Without the correct tags, you will find that people looking for a web designer will not be looking at your page – simply because your tags are not optimized properly.
Once again, look at which tags other successful people in your field are using. You can also use Google Keyword tool to help you select the most efficient words. Using your tags efficiently helps you climb in Fiverr’s ranking, which in turn will boost exposure. Do not use inappropriate tags, as Fiverr considers this spamming and your gig will be removed.

Tip: Tags are critical to helping buyers find you.

Fiverr Guide Tip 11: Grammar

Also, remember the importance of proper grammar, spelling and all those rules we tried to forget after we left school. Your buyer might not know who Ernst Hemingway was, but they will know enough to be able to spot bad grammar a mile away. Make sure your description is professional and articulate. If you are not a native English speaker, go to the trouble of finding someone to proof read your Gig. It will pay off in the long term.

Fiverr Guide Tip 12: Take Care of the Details

Use any tools like banner photos, videos and descriptive pictures as the gig will allow. Add as much as you can, the more complete your Gig is, the more professional it looks. It also assures buyers that they are getting the right product for their money.
If you do not have enough material to use all the space available to you, upload .pdf documents that tell buyers what you do or sell, or show examples of your work. By informing your buyer, you will be avoiding cancellations down the line.
Tip: If you have a lot of details or graphics you can encapsulate them into a single pdf file.

Fiverr Guide Tip 13: Be Coherent

Make sure that the title descriptions and tags all match in your Gig. This helps Fiverr to find you in a search and will improve your rankings.
If you have a specialized niche market, also include tags that are more generic in your Gig. This will give you more exposure to buyers that might not be aware that they are searching for a niche product.

Fiverr Guide Tip 14: Gig Duration

The Gig duration is where you commit to a time limit for completion or delivery on Fiverr. You have to select this carefully, because if you do not honor your commitment, you might find that disgruntled customers leave bad reviews which will affect your ranking, limiting your earnings.

Fiverr Guide Tip 15: Instruction for Buyers

This is where you can put any notes or information for buyers. You can also ask them to include any relevant information or special requests, and remember your manners so don’t forget to thank them for their business.

Fiverr Guide Tip 16: Video

Uploading a video is one of the quickest ways to improve your rankings on Fiverr. The folks at Fiverr even go as far as saying that it could increase your sales up to 200%. That is a serious boost, no matter which way you look at it. It makes it imperative that you upload a video, because it is what is going to differentiate you from the other producers and service providers out there.
If you are confident and entertaining, upload a video of yourself describing your product or service. Be clear and to the point. When buyers can associate a product or service with a person, it makes it easier for them to associate with the product, and thus the product becomes more memorable. Be sure to make your video informative and to the point.

Tip: Try to upload new video once a month as that will keep your profile higher on Fiverr searches

If you aren’t confident in front of a camera, get someone on Fiverr to make and animation video for you. Or, a Whiteboard video. As the old saying goes, there are many ways to skin this cat. Find a way in which you can get your product or service out there via video, and make yourself stand out! Look at what videos are out there, again, especially from successful sellers and learn from them.

Something that is not commonly known by Fiverr users is that each uploaded video is watched by moderators. If you mention Fiverr a few times, you could have a head start on your competitors. This will propel your rankings even higher up the ladder.

Tip: Don’t want to appear on Camera, here are some alternatives:

  • Create a video with screenshots of your service or product. Along with some good music this could be a real winner.
  • Create a video recording of your screen when you do what you do best. People love seen behind the scenes. This can even work for a writing service.
  • Create a video from slides. PowerPoint has a lot of impressing features and can also be exported into a video format.

Adding a voice will create a personal connection. Do it yourself or use a professional narrator.
Source of inspiration:

Remember: The use of video cannot be over emphasized!

Fiverr Guide Tip 17: Up-selling / Gig Extras

Gig Extra’s are a feature on Fiverr that allows you to double your income on one order. If you are a new seller, you can earn $10 instead of $5 for each sale, $25 as a level one seller and up to $45 as a level two seller.

Gig extras can be adapted to any Gig that you are selling. A customer could purchase a Gig Extra to have the service completed in one day instead of two. Or if they want art work done, you can add color for the extra $5. The trick is to break your service down into $5 increments, and the customer can then use the Gig Extra to purchase what they need. If you are selling your time as a service, sell increments of your time for $5. This can be used in any combination.

Let’s be clear – this is not a bait and switch technique. You are not trying to cheat anyone out of their money – this is just an efficient way of selling your product. If the buyer is prepared to pay $5 for an awesome black and white drawing, he might want to pay $10 for an awesome color drawing. You have committed to supplying the agreed product for $5. But, for an additional $5, you will supply additional services or products.

If you do not have the ability yet to officially offer gig extras, or you have reached the limit of gig extras you are allowed to offer, you can work around it by making use of gig quantities. For instance, if you want to offer a $10 gig extra, you can simply ask the prospective buyer to purchase three gigs for a total of $15.

Tip: Gig Extras Are Where You Make The Real Money.

Fiverr Guide Tip 18: Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Once you have uploaded your Gig onto Fiverr, you sit back and wait for the buyers to come line up. Sometimes though, that doesn’t happen. This is where you have to be analytical and try to figure out why the sales aren’t happening.

If nobody is looking at your Gig – your customers aren’t finding you. You need to tweak your title, or perhaps adjust your tags. Or maybe add a video to boost your rankings. However, if the buyers are seeing your gig, and still not buying – you need to adjust your description. Remember to keep your customer in mind when writing the description of your Gig.
Let’s say you are a cartoonist. You could use “I do great, funny cartoons of people or animals”, or you could say “My cartoons of animals and people will make you laugh”. This highlights what the customer might want, instead of talking about you. Keep the customer in mind at all times.

It takes a while to build solid review on Fiverr, so you have to keep your shoulder to the wheel. If sales are not what you would like them to be, remember that competition on Fiverr is fierce, and the best way to get to the top is by offering the best product and getting outstanding reviews. Also, try to upload new video once a month as that will keep your profile higher on Fiverr searches. Find out what works, and then keep on doing it.

Tip: Keep On Doing What Works Best.

Fiverr Guide Tip 19: Diversify Your Gigs

Fiverr allows you to have 20 Gigs – use this to diversify the range of products that you offer in the same category. Then look for other categories which might offer the opportunity to cross-promote your Gigs. This increases your exposure and will get you more buyers. If you have less than 20 Gigs on Fiverr, you are not utilizing the full potential of the site, and you are limiting your own income. Be creative and find 20 things you could do for $5 across different categories.

Tip: Look for other categories which might offer the opportunity to cross-promote your Gigs.

A good strategy is featuring your other $5 gigs as $5 extras. So in other words, one can look at your gig for writing an article, but the gig extras also show your marketing writing skill, SEO specific writing, etc. This lets customers see what I do without having to click through to my profile and then click through again to my other gigs. Cross promotion can help your customers find what they want even when they weren’t necessarily looking for it which in turn will result in more sales for you.

The main thing to remember is that, like with any good financial portfolio, it is important to have as many streams of income as possible. Even if you only get a couple of orders a week on some gigs, this builds up annually, and also increases your portfolio.

Tip: A good strategy is featuring your other $5 gigs as $5 extras.

Fiverr Guide Tip 20: Multiply

Once you have created a Gig that seems to be selling well, diversify your offering along the same lines by creating more Gigs with the same service.

For example, if you are a writer you could use the following example:

  • I will write a blog post of 500 words
  • I will write an article of 500 words
  • I will write a travel article of 500 words
  • I will write a press release of 500 words.

Instead of just using writing as a keyword, you have diversified and expanded your Gig, though they all say basically the same thing.
I also recommend only offering extras that will not increase the amount of time it takes to complete the gig. So what starts out as a $5 gig becomes a $50 gig, without any additional time required.

Tip: Take your best performing Gig and create more Gigs delivering the same service with different names.

Fiverr Guide Tip 21: Finish What You Started

When you are setting up your gigs on Fiverr, make sure that you have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. Create the right first impression, so that the first customer that clicks on your Gig gets the whole picture. When everything is in place, you show that you are thorough and professional. Make sure all your photos are uploaded, a professional video is added, your pdf’s are there to describe what you do, your descriptions are concise and clear and your title is memorable and articulate.

Final Words

Fiverr is a great platform to increase your income and expose your product and service to anyone who might need it. You start with $5, and after putting in the work, the sky is the limit!
If you follow the suggestions I have given you, there is no reason at all why you should not significantly increase turnover and exposure. It might take some time to get going, but if you are patient and diligent, the results will definitely be worth it. Start small, and learn how the system works. Observe your (and other sellers) successes and do more of what works. See where things aren’t working – and do less of that!

Most of us feel the same when first starting out. Our brain sabotages our plans with doubts, fears and excuses. You will doubt the methods, yourself, me and the entire world. It’s totally natural.
Only action will kill those doubts.

Be patient, don’t give up, and you will succeed!
Sincerely Yours
Ron Stark