How To Create Infographics From Post

Ron Stark   August 12, 2015   Comments Off on How To Create Infographics From Post
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How To Create Infographics From Post

Infographics is a visual representation of knowledge with the purpose of presenting it clearly. Human visual system sees patterns and trends very easily in images.
People love images. People understand images, but most importantly people share images. Infographics goes viral very easily. Now lets create infographics from post

The Steps:

  1. Step into your analytics to find your most popular post.
  2. Break it into 3 to 10 intuitive steps.
  3. Use your favorite Infographics software, and if you don’t have one, it’s about time. I use Its free for the novice user.
  4. Place each step into a beautiful graphical representational object.
  5. Connect all objects into an easy flowing diagram.
  6. Upload your awesome Infographics into Pinterest – the best social network for Infographics.

Bonus Tip *: Make it easy for users to share your Infographics by using some plugin on your site.

Bonus Tip **: Cutout the best looking part into a standalone image to share on Twitter and Facebook.

Now go ahead and create infographics from post – your best performing post!

[emaillocker id=”92″]Download the PDF cheat sheet. [/emaillocker]

Post Infographics:

How To Quickly Create Infographics From Post

How To Create Infographics From Post