How To Drive Massive Traffic From Facebook – The Page Way

Ron Stark   March 7, 2016   Comments Off on How To Drive Massive Traffic From Facebook – The Page Way
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How To Drive Massive Traffic From Facebook

Working hard on your mailing list?

Good. But there’s a better alternative – Likes.

It is so much easier to get likes on your Facebook page than getting someone’s email. Yes, I know what you are thinking right now – sending email is so much better, who will see my page posts?

And wrong you are.

A Facebook page can give you so much more:

  1. Pages results are indexed by search engines, as opposed to profile pages.
  2. Pages can post 10 or 20 times a day and no one will unsubscribe.
  3. Pages can be promoted.
  4. Pages posts can be scheduled.
  5. Pages have a call to action button.
  6. Pages posts can be boosted (promoted).
  7. Pages have lead campaigns.
  8. Pages can promote to specific audiences including email lists (“custom audience”).
  9. Pages can make special time limited, amount limited offers.
  10. Pages give’s you amazing insights on your followers.
  11. Pages can have a pinned post.
  12. Pages can have customized tabs.
  13. Pages can have contests.
  14. Pages costs $0 to start.
  15. Pages are not limited in size and it still costs $0.
  16. Pages likes ad campaigns are super cheap.
  17. Pages can have different admin roles such as insight analysts, advertisers, moderators, content creators etc.
  18. Pages can spy on other pages through “Pages to Watch” feature.
  19. Pages can comment on other pages and by that increasing exposure to your brand (on pages liked by your page).

So pages can drive a ton of daily traffic to your website.

And that’s a fact. Now don’t go throwing your mailing list to the trash yet, it is valuable, but do start using the amazing features and possibilities of Facebook pages.

Soon I will show you how easily get more than 1,000 followers a day to your page. Can you do that with your mailing list?