Innovative Marketing Ideas

Ron Stark   March 1, 2016   Comments Off on Innovative Marketing Ideas
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Which Innovative Marketing Ideas Would Suit Your Online Business?

Anyone who runs an online business is likely to be aware that the basic purpose of marketing and advertising is to create awareness about the product and when the same concept is applied to the Internet, it is described as Internet marketing. Innovation means to use something that is relatively new and hence the term ‘innovative marketing ideas’ refers to application of marketing techniques which have been recently introduced. Like conventional techniques used to promote small online business, innovative techniques also have their pros and cons and should be understood before being applied.

Among several innovative ideas for marketing some that have emerged as viable from the marketing and cost perspective are –

Blogging from Business Perspective

If blogs have evolved as one of the most influential tools of expression on the Internet, business blogging goes a step further and acts as a medium which the online entrepreneur can use for communicating not just with clients but also across the organization. Business blogs serve as perfect investment from the online marketing perspective of a small business because they score well in terms of informative content and provide a platform for discussion.

Viral Marketing

One of the innovative marketing ideas which entail gifting of giveaways, like a free sample or a free service, along with the advertisement copy is known as viral marketing. It could be based on provision of services or incentives and accrues benefits like improving your website’s ranking, driving traffic and helping to increase sales by creating brand awareness.

Marketing through Video Communication

A challenge that most online business owners face pertains to the short attention span of Internet surfers and this is one of the reasons that has contributed to the trend of using video as an innovative marketing technique. Using a video to introduce a product or a service is effective because it carries your message more directly and clearly than words could ever do. An added advantage accrues from its ability to generate trust and confidence.

Having understood the innovative marketing ideas, the onus is on you to figure out whether these can be applied for promoting your business and identifying one that would be most suitable and hence effective in generating sales.