Magic Trick for Tripling Your Email Signups

Ron Stark   October 1, 2015   Comments Off on Magic Trick for Tripling Your Email Signups
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Magic Trick for Tripling Your Email Signups


Nothing is more important than getting the email of your site visitors before they leave you forever. A lot has been said and done on the subject but this little pearl of wisdom by the amazing Matthew Barby is a keeper. Since normally a major part of your organic visitors email signups is generated on few well converting pages, optimizing those pages will deliver much more signups.
Read it, do it and enjoy the flow of signups.

Tripling Your Email Signups:

  1. Open your Google Search Console and click Search Traffic > Search Analytics. If you don’t have one connected to your web site then it’s a great opportunity to do so. Don’t go another day without it.
  2. The default will be opened on ‘Queries’ view, change it to ‘Pages’ (radio button).
  3. Now you see the top performing pages.
  4. Select one of the top pages by clicking on it.
  5. Change back to ‘Queries’ and vuala! The listed keywords are the ones people searched before they landed on this page. This is exactly what they are looking for and it is pure GOLD!
  6. Create some kind of download offer such as a template, an eBook, cheat-sheet etc. related to the top keywords.
  7. Add call to action with the exact keyword in order for the user to relate to it and download your offer. Off course, don’t you forget to allow the download by giving you their email.
  8. This is known to increase email signups by 200-300%.

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