The Facebook Preview Trick

Ron Stark   February 22, 2016   Comments Off on The Facebook Preview Trick
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The Facebook Preview Trick

You don’t need to be promoting actively on Facebook, but adding a Facebook share button to your blog posts and content pages is highly recommended.

Look and feel are highly important on posts so how can you tell if your content looks good enough on Facebook?

Well you can simply post and take a look, but there is another method:

The Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger will show you just that and much much more.

Head over to and try it out. Just copy paste your page url to see how it looks as a post on Facebook – Title, image and description.

Doesn’t look good enough, you can make the proper adjustments on your page content but a better way will be to use Facebook snippets and create a perfect looking post. This way the page content title and description will be focused on your seo optimization while the Facebook snippets take over the post look and feel.