The Ultimate Tweet Formula Trick

Ron Stark   December 24, 2015   Comments Off on The Ultimate Tweet Formula Trick
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The Share To Unlock Trick

Tweet Formula for ultimate tweet engagement:

  1. Show excitement.
  2. Tweet between 8am – 7pm.
  3. News has +80% more engagement.
  4. Tweet on weekdays – Monday to Friday.
  5. Add numbers and get 17% more retweets.
  6. Consider using video – 28% more retweets.
  7. Use image, 2:1 ratio – e.g.: 440 width, 220 height.
  8. Ask politely for a retweet and you will be retweeted.
  9. Tweeting about Twitter result in +200% more retweets.
  10. Include 1-2 hashtags (#) for up to +200% more engagement.
  11. Place your link at the start of the tweet to get 25% more CTR.
  12. Tweet length of 70-100 characters have +17% more engagement.
  13. Mentioning others (@) have a higher CTR – so give credit to others.
  14. Use Bitly to shorten your links since they are more likely to be engaged.
  15. Action words such as Verb and Adverb are known to increase engagement.
  16. Tweet lifespan ranges between 10-20 minutes so tweet in 20 minutes’ intervals.