The Zero Budget Marketing Trick

Ron Stark   March 20, 2016   Comments Off on The Zero Budget Marketing Trick
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The Zero Budget Marketing Trick

If you’re struggling to get traffic and you can’t afford to hire marketing help, then this is for you.

How about getting marketing professionals working for you without spending a dime?

  1. Create a small, cheap but valuable product like an eBook, online course etc.
  2. Preferably, this product should be a first step before your actual product or service.
  3. Put it on your website or some other big selling platform.
  4. Offer all affiliates 100% commission!
  5. Make sure you grab the visitor email on the product selling page even if they don’t buy the product.
  6. Make sure the product contains a good call to action for either getting the users email or upselling to them.
  7. Go to affiliate forums and Facebook groups to promote your product.

You will now get other people promoting the product for you. You’ll only have to pay them if they make a sale and the money will actually be coming from the buyers’ side.

Here is a list of the best 7 affiliate places to start with: